Drey The Basketball Whisperer | Creates New Mind Hack for Athletes to Perform Well in Game Situations

Drey The Basketball Whisperer, “Emotions play an important role in sports, after all we are driven by passions.” As such, dealing with pressure is a by-product of being an athlete. For better or worse, it’s something you’re going to face in its every form and quite regularly too. From training to competitions, from ourselves and each other; there’s no escaping the demands of being in a pressurized environment.

It’s true that we’re all born with different personalities, and therefore some personalities are better equipped with dealing with stress than others. Nonetheless, sports psychology teaches us that we all have the power to reframe the way we think and put the right measures in place to cope with challenges. Drey The Basketball Whisperer is a firm believer that staying calm under pressure is the key to conquering the moment.

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