Residual Income: Pad Your Bank Account

Have you always been curious about what residual income is or how to make it? Do you want to start padding the bank without having to work even more hours? If so, this article can tell you a little bit about residual income.

We all know how linear type pay works. You work a certain amount of hours and are paid for those hours. When you stop working, you stop making money. This is how most of us live our life. Residual pay, however, continues to bring in money even after your initial work is over. There are many ways you can start a stream of recurring money.

Royalties can often earn you a stream of money. Write a novel, song, ebook, or etc. Then find a publisher, sell your rights to them, and you will then be paid whenever your product is used or purchased. This applies to things you self-invent as well. Performing artists can also earn royalties every time their music or movie is run or commercial copies sold.

Real estate during a good market has always had the chance to be a good source of passive revenue. Simply buy properties that you find and can rent to people who may need it. The biggest potential here, if you possess a little extra money already, is housing for tourists. Buying a beach house on a nice beach or a cabin in the mountains or on the lake can bring in a lot of good money. So can renting out office space and low-income housing.

If you want an even more passive approach, you can always put your money in a savings account. Find a respectable bank with a good interest reward and deposit your money. Your work is now over. Your money will continue to grow while you go about your business as usual. This method truly does involve virtually no work. Besides, it’s always good to have an emergency fund just in case anyway.

Passive income can also be made online, although it is not steadily recurring per se. The way to do this is to find an associate program of virtually any business you choose. You will be given an ID so your account activity can be tracked. All you do is promote their service by email or your website, and you are paid for each person you refer that makes a purchase.

For writers, self-publishing can be a lucrative endeavor. It is a profitable alternative to publishing houses because you will not have to share your money and can pocket every bit of it. You can also decide how to market your book and for how long. You do not have to deal with trying to get the attention of a publisher that already has to deal with best-selling authors and numerous manual submissions every day.

Residual income is the perfect way to continue to bring in money after your introductory work. Just pick the idea that appeals to you and take it from there. Maybe you will finally get to go on that vacation to France or Spain!

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