Drey The Basketball Whisperer | Congratulates NBA Finals MVP

Drey The Basketball Whisperer knows what it takes for athletes to perform at a high level. He knows it starts first in the mind, in the mental approach. He knows firsthand that having the right mentality is the beginning and the end of all success in just about anything in life, definitely in sports. 


Drey The Basketball Whisperer


Talking positively to yourself is key to success.  People who are mentally tough, have a sense of positive self-efficacy.  They inherently believe they are going to achieve a positive outcome and their thoughts express this.  Tough-minded people often speak encouraging words out loud which also benefits others around them.  What an athlete says to themselves when they are behind on the scoreboard has a massive impact on whether they stay behind or take action to turn it around.  Drey The Basketball Whisperer stresses the importance of talking positively to yourself.

Drey The Basketball Whisperer Dre The Basketball WhispererDrey The Basketball Whisperer

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